Our Culinary Partners

The Process

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What It Means

We work hard to harvest the best product available, and our culinary partners care as deeply about preparing beef as we do about raising it. We partner only with those who represent the highest levels of sophistication, skill, creativity and care. 


Our partners have the opportunity to utilize the entire harvest, resulting in sustainable, full-circle food preparation.

Quality matters

Our beef provides unparalleled nutrition, unmistakable flavor and, of course, the signature Akaushi marbling. Our partners treat every product from our limited breed with care, intention and the highest of standards.

Certified Akaushi Grass-Fed & Finished Beef
Domenica Farms Nichiyobi steaks
Plating food
“We intentionally keep our farm small so that we can responsibly care for our animals. By farming with mindfulness, we ensure the best for the earth, the animals and your wellness.” – Domenica Farms